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On 20 Jul 98, at 22:01, SteveOrdinetz wrote:

> 'GIR has been AOR a good 5 years longer that 'ERZ has been Top 40 & was a
> license to print money.  Lotta good it did them!

   For many years WHEB has had a loyal following! Greg Kretschmar 
(Morning Buzz) Lori D.(Mid Days) Chris Garret(The Doctor Of Rock/ 
Afternoon Drive) and Scott Laudani(Evenings) have all been at this same 
station for quite some time! We're talking 12 to 16 Years!!!WHEB went from 
Top 40 in the early 80's to AOR! This station went straight to the top thanks 
to the consistancy and professionalism of the jocks and the loyalty of their 
audience. I must not forget the positive guidence of Rob Knight and the 
Knight family! In addition, WHEB had and still has a great program director 
Glenn Stewart (Who Knows How To Crack A Whip)! Which further 
illustrates why they are such a great station! However, now that Capstar 
owns them, that will all change. I watched some of the most talented 
people walk out that door for the last time, and saw the look on their face! 
Something I never want to see again. That is why I chose to leave. 

Take Care,
Roy Lawrence