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WMTW-TV, Channel 8

     I'm curious how much it would cost to install three-phase power
to the top of the mountain ?  I'm wondering if it could be done, right
next to the Cog Railroad bed.  Who knows ?  If Channel 8 were to leave
Mt. Washington, it would cut the energy consumption in half.  The FM's
would still may be able to maintain the generators at a reasonable
cost.  With Channel 8 off the mountain, the generators would have a
lower power draw and could have a longer life span.  I know a little
about generators, having survived WHRC-TV (Channel 46) back in 1989
using a generator or two.
Thank goodness, Channel 46 (now WBPX) is no longer using generators to
provide its' electricity, just good old Eastern Edison.         

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