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news in 1941 (was Same Call Letters...)

Bill asked--
>That means when, for instance, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, WBZ was at 1030
>when the announcement came down.  I wonder what Boston area station most
>people tuned to for news of that and such events?
>Bill O'Neill

If you have seen programming schedules from those days, you know that
virtually ALL of the stations had expanded their news, beginning around
1939.  In fact, even the networks had expanded, and war-oriented programming
was now a part of the daily schedule.  The great and high profile newspeople
like Edward R. Murrow were on the scene giving reports from Europe, and if
you listened to ANY Boston station, you would have heard plenty of news.  I
have plenty of magazines with radio schedules from 1941 and would be happy
to print out a couple if anyone is curious, but suffice it to say that by
1941, the Yankee Network and WBZ were only two of many places to get