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Conalrad (was Re: Oldest Non-Comm in Boston)

Somehow, this string has reminded me of the old Conelrad days.  During that
time, I, in my youth, and as an avid DXer, wondered about those intriguing
640 and 1240 frequencies.

In teh Boston area, there was nothing on 620, 630, 640, 650, 0r 660, so that
would have been no problem.  Near 1240kHz, there was WESX (home of Slim
Pickens) on 1230, nothing on 1220, and nithing on 1240 or 1250.

Given that 640 was a clear channel, where power up to 50,000 watts waas
authorized, and 1240 was a graveyard channel, where no more than 1,000 were
authorized, how much power would Conelrad stations have had?

:) shel