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Re: WKXL coverage (Was: WBKA-AM and FM, Brockton, MA)

At 08:39 PM 6/5/98 -0400, you wrote:
>ASchinella wrote: "I have not seen a WKXL coverage map, so who knows."
>For what it's worth, here's what a WKXL map from around 1984 tells us
>(and I know they still have the same transmitter, tower, and power as
>then although a couple devices have been added to the rack):
>Using reference points along I-93, the southern edge of the 0.5 mV/m
>contour is around exit 9 (jct. US 3/NH 28) near the Hooksett/Manchester
>and the 0.1 contour falls just south of exit 4 (jct. NH 102) near the
>Londonderry/Derry line.

Well, this would say that if WKXL is duking it out with WNBP in Derry, the
interference is well outside of WKXL's protected 1 mV/m daytime contour.
You've got to give WKXL credit for optimism, though! Measuring the 0.1 mV/m
contour of a Class IV station took a lot of optimism. (Or is that chutzpah?) 

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