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Re: OTB radio

'QBK was in *serious* financial trouble, could not make any money in
talk. The format and call change to Run-On-Talk-Sports (sorry, I hate so
many of their hosts) was a few months ago. They also picked up Sports
Babe from WROW-590 (though not all the ESPN stuff) and have carried some
NHL Radio during the playoffs (that, I do like). 'KZ is just as bad now
as always, but at least they had a few listeners to the Yankee games who
wrote about it to the sports column in the Times-Union. Now the other
coverage is fill while waiting for the next race call to its few

(Lucky us... we also get OTB TV on cable channel 12, which is just as
badly done. Even the text race results are often messed up on screen.
And most public access programming is produced better.)

I subscribe to IDIC, but I could live without *this* Infinite Diversity
In Radio. :) Waste of band.

Sven Weil wrote:

> why did WQBK change formats, and when? (now they do 1on1 sports)
> and regarding WVKZ's switching back between yanks games and
> horse races. they do the same thing with 1on1 sports. it is truly
> awful

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