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Re: 6/1/98: Sacremento Bee article on Human Bar Codes

There's a lot in the law that is still unsettled regarding the Net, and this is
one such area. If I had a mailing list, I wouldn't take the chance at possible
liability and would not allow transmission of substantial portions (or complete
copies) of others' works.

Stephen R. Low wrote:

> I, for one, do not understand the basis for throwing anyone off this list
> for transmitting copyrighted material--intentional or not. Is the list
> operator legally liable for transmitting messages over which he/you have no
> control? If so, wouldn't every node on the internet, through which this
> material passed, also be liable? I'm not a lawyer, but it seems to me that
> the greatest risk for transmitting copyrighted material is incurred by the
> originator of the message.

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