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Re: WSMN Nashua - No more Bargain Box ??

>>Could this be Todd Feinberg....the same name that showed up at the (in)
>>famous WADN?

YES it is Todd Feinberg

>>ISn't SRN News the old UPI Audio that Pat Robertson bought? ..and
>>changed to Standard Radio News (SRN)?

I've heard reference to it as the Salem Radio Network, can't remember were
I heard that.

What  is interesting about SRN is at across town WMVU AM 900 Nashua.

In the evening while WMVU airs UBN (United Broadcast Network) talk shows
(Joan Rivers etc),their news is from SRN.
After each SRN news cast every weeknight for the past ten or more weeks
listeners get to hear "Your SRN program starts in 60 seconds ,50 ,40, 30,
..." and at about what should be 20 UBN programming comes back on.