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Re[2]: 94 1/2 FM

     Last year I came across a package of Mark Parenteau WCOZ 94 1/2 
     cigarette papers in my attic.
     He had given them to me back in the mid/late 70's.
     I think that was a short lived promotion.
     I gave them back to him last summer. He was thrilled as he had not 
     saved even one in his career treasure box.

On 30 May 98 at 20:11, ASchinella@aol.com wrote:
> Probably some pothead who still thinks they are giving away kilos! 
> In a message dated 5/30/98 8:01:09 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
> wcarter@mva.net writes:
> <<  Driving back from Framingham today I followed an extremely old 
> Plymouth sporting a like new "WCOZ 94 1/2 FM" bumper sticker.
        I still have a WCOZ 94 1/2 Rock Of The 80's frisbie!
Does that make me a pothead too?
              Roy Lawrence