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RE: 94 1/2 FM

More reminiscences of 94 1/2:

Although it started out as a Clark Smidt 'BZ-FM clone, WCOZ gradually moved
toward a more and more progressive sound.  In the early days, Mark
Parenteau did "The Night Service." where he went-off into extended sets of
spacey album rock.  Each song was masterfully mixed and blended by Mark...
He was really quite good at it.  It was a talent that slowly disappeared as
Mark became more of a personality, and less of a disc-jockey.

Around 1976/77, after "Clark" departed for WEZE and Parenteau took over PM
Drive, Robert Desiderio settled into the night shift.  He was an amazing
radio talent.  Being an actor, he created, "The Hour of the Wolf Matinee,"
which happened every night at midnight on COZ.  During this slot, he would
mix spoken/read words, home-grown radio drama and music to create one of
the eeriest segments I have ever heard coming from my radio.

- -Lou

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