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RE: 94 1/2 FM

At 08:08 AM 6/1/98 -0700, Bob Nelson wrote:
>And WCOZ  (in its album rock days) was active in the local music
>scene,  releasing an album of Boston bands. The front cover showed a
>huge bear (a
>Boston "Bruin"?), dwarfing the Prudential building and
>playing a guitar. The station narrowed its playlist down
>to the oft and overplayed ("Stairway to Heaven",
>etc.)  and was popular with that for awhile, then
>people started to burn out on the same songs over
>and over...

As I recall, WCOZ always had a pretty tight playlist...never a lot of
obscure stuff like 'BCN played until the late 70s.  My guess is that the
jocks didn't have much freedom to either play of say what they felt like.
As is true in so many such things, if a little is good, then too much is
just right...'COZ got so tight and liner-card that they lost credibility.
Not always easy to keep the right balance over time.