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Re: W282AF

   The Concord (N.H.) Monitor of 3/14/98 ( p. D1) reported WVNH (91.1)
hopes to be
on the air "in the coming months."  It seems like I've been seeing those
call letters with "target date
unknown" listed in Broadcasting Yearbook (& Cable & Marketplace &cetera)
for forever.  The Concord Bible Fellowship is behind it.  They put a
translator on 104.3 a year ago, bringing WBCI Bath ME to Concord but
plan to offer local material ("pastors' forums and commentaries on the
local news as well as running announcements of upcoming events in the
Christian community") on the new station.
  Fellowship member Pete Stohrer is responsible for making this happen
and I don't doubt that he
can--he's been a contract engineer for a number of NH radio stations and
was morning announcer at
WKXL-FM during the early 1980s, then held a shift at WJYY through the
late '80s, returning to do
mornings at WKXL/WKXL-FM for a year or so in the mid-'90s.