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LA's All Traffic Station

    I just saw a story on ABC7/LA's 5PM News about an all-traffic radio
station in LA. K-Traffic (KKTR/1650) does 15-three minute traffic
reports each hour, each followed by a 60 second spot. Apparently a
similar format was tried a couple years ago in LA, but didn't last for
whatever reason. The owner, Mr. Levine, said the constant congestion in
LA, and the wait for a radio traffic report made him decide to do the
format. Interestingly, the OM admitted that their goal is not to be
#1.....he said they just want to be the listeners #2 station, explaining
that people tune to K-Traffic for traffic (logically!), and then tune to
their favorite station for music/talk, etc......After the story anchor
Harold Greene joked that maybe LA should have an "All-Car-Chase" TV
channel! Anyone think this will work?

Todd Phillips
WVAY, Wilmington, Vt