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Re: Musicradio 77 WABeatleC Beatlemania Monday

In a message dated 5/24/98 2:08:24 PM Central Daylight Time, FMradio1@aol.com

<< Of course they're going to use Scott Shannon, because he is across the hall
 co-owned WPLJ (95.5FM).  I don't think we're going to hear many of the
 "classic" New York jocks, such as Dan Ingram--since they're all over at WCBS-
 FM.  I seriously doubt that Uncle Mel would allow those people to take part.
 Without Ingram, who for me personified WABC in it's Top 40 heyday, the
 retrospective would seem a little empty. >>

I have been listening and recording some of it today. They are using the
normal WABC tal people including Curtis Sliwa. They are giving away a new
volkswagon this afternoon.
They also are saying the entire 12 hours will be available on CD.

They have even run the jinge  mntage a couple of times. ALL OF THEM.