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What SESAC stands for

I was always under the impression that Sesac stood for:

Society of English Singers and Composers, at least that's what the old
contracts used to say.

- -gary f

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Subject: 	SESAC, royalties (was: How Radio Has Changed) 

Dan S wrote--
>BMI, or even SESAC (wish I could find out what the letters SESAC stand for;
>I don't think it's meant to be the condition of the sea serpent on the
>Beanie and Cecil show). 

As was mentioned elsewhere in another e-mail, some talk stations that have a
lot of music-oriented guests or use a lot of music in their promos DO pay
fees to ASCAP, and BMI, and more are now paying SESAC because this society
recently signed some very big names.  I believe the initials originally
stood for the Southeastern Society for Artists and Composers, since it was
initially a country music-oriented society when it began in the 1930s.  Btw,
I think WBZ in Boston is one of the talk and news stations that DOES pay for
the rights to use music.