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Re: "CBS Television: The First 50 Years": A Critique

On Thu, May 21st, Joseph Gallant wrote:
>Here's my views on last night's...CBS special on the 
>network's first 50 years.It tried to squeeze-in a 
>100-minute (minus commercials) span a lot of clips.
>There were some good ones. But, there were some major 
>omissions <snip>

The Ed Sullivan retrospect the night before (Tuesday)
was disappointing to me in that it left out all but a 
snippet of video (with no audio) of Topo Gigio (the mouse puppet who always
said, "I love you, Eddie!"), and 
nothing beyond a verbal mention of Senor Wences (the man
who created faces by painting faces on his fists) I
may have missed it, but I don't even think they had a
clip of the Rolling Stones.

- - Henry Dane