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music that isn't "crap"

I hope I am not violating the list by posting this, and I apologize if I
offend anyone, but I know that this group is comprised of people who seem to
appreciate good music and cultural events.  I'll even try to relate this to
radio, as they often say.  Since Boston classical stations play very little
CHORAL MUSIC  (if it wasn't written by Beethoven, Mozart or Bach), here is
your chance to hear some excellent choral music live.  
           The Zamir Chorale of Boston (a non-profit choral group comprised of
Boston area amateur singers - like myself)  is performing a concert at Regis
College on June 7 at 7:30 PM,  in Casey Theatre.  The concert commemorates
Israel's 50th Birthday and will feature the premier of a new work,  "Dreamers"
by Meira Warschaur as well as other older and contemporary works about the
land of Israel.  
  Anyone who is interested, please link up to www.zamir.org or feel free to
email me.   
   I thank you and apologize if I have overstepped the limits of this mailing