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NBC is honest

Have to admit NBC is candid on what it takes to get a broadcasting job
these days
       Three major factors make the broadcasting industry different
             from most others when discussing how to enter it:
     * The industry is small, and with downsizing, employment
       opportunities do not occur very often. Although there may be
       increasing opportunities in cable, the internet-related news
       business, and the information superhighway.
     * Most jobs require specific skills or experience. Also, NBC is at
       the top of the industry. This is not usually the place to start
       your career, and an entry level position is very rare. Some
       positions, such as on-air talent, require years of experience in
       small markets before moving to a big city.
     * The competition for any openings that do occur is intense, with
       most jobs going to people already in the Company who are promoted
       from within.
      With these factors in mind, anyone interested in broadcasting
    will learn that the careers it offers are challenging and exciting.
        The fact that they are more difficult to gain than most is a
                     reflection of their desirability.
       Job opportunities in broadcasting can be divided into two
    broad categories: Production and Administration. The greatest number
    of jobs that can be filled by people not already in the industry are
    in administration. Some NBC locations have more Production functions
                                than others.

        NBC has its corporate headquarters in New York City, and
    Owned & Operated television stations in New York (NY), Burbank (CA),
     Chicago (IL), Philadelphia (PA), Washington (DC), Miami (FL), San
   Diego (CA), Columbus (OH),New Britian (CT), Cranston (RI), Raleigh
  (NC), and Birmingham (AL). NBC Cable is headquartered in Ft. Lee NJ and the
   News Channel in Charlotte NC.