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Re: Frank Sinatra dead at 82

>But Lennon & McCartney, wrote, sang, played and scored their own
>music....   MORE talent there.

Now there's a bold statement!

Sinatra's genius led him to understand that writing, playing and scoring his
own music was a waste of his time. Instead, the guy "bought" those skills
from the best in the business, complementing these purchased services with a
voice and delivery that he knew to be of comparable quality.

Lennon's and McCartney's inferior intellect is apparent from their failure
to AVOID writing, playing and scoring their own material, let alone SING it.
Even a moron knows that Lennon and McCartney's skills qualified them, at
best, to be listeners, but given the dope-induced stupor of their so-called
"creative" years, its doubtful that they would have done very well at that,

There was a time in this country's musical history when a significant number
of people (listeners and music industry execs) were capable of judging song
quality and performance talent. Over the years the number of people with
this level of education and judgment has sadly declined. Instead, we are
left largely with music of very low quality, delivered by dreadful
writers/performers, largely to the ignoramuses who listen. No one would
argue that the crap that's played is POPULAR, but this is not the same as
being of high (or top) quality. McDonald's hamburgers are popular, but we
all know that they're fundamentally s__t. Just like most of the popular
music of the day.

Important warning to potential flamers: Your failure to agree wholeheartedly
will identify you with the ignoramati (sp?) I referenced above. Flame me at
your own risk!

Steve Low