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Re: Demo-ralizing

Bill O'Neill wrote:
> I love free speech.  Anything that's free, for that matter.
>  But...Is it I or does the age issue pop up like Zelig
> regardless of the topic, or is that supposed to be
> part of the charm of it all here on the listserv?  
> Ah, time for more Postum!

It isn't you... and it isn't just this list. Long ago back when I used to log
on to BBS systems using my dad's Kaypro II & a 300 baud acoustic coupler modem
(just jam that receiver in there, thank you very much), there was a kid I met
on the boards who told me something I've tried to remember as the digital age
has dawned:

"You shouldn't ever mention how old you are. The other people online will
judge you on your age instead of what you say."

We were both fifteen at the time. 

- -TC

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