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Re: Media overkill...

<<On Sun, 17 May 1998 11:40:34 -0700, Robert Jackson <High.Seas@breezy.com> said:

> As typified in the endless "magazine segments" on the network 
> newscasts; the failure to go get the real news has led to this
> pabulum being spoon-fed to a huge American audience that is born 
> and bred in the tradition of Video.

There is nothing wrong with newsmagazines.  The problem is that --
just as with the nominal ``newscasts'' -- nobody wants to spend the
money to do it right.  (I'll admit, I'm biased... I grew up watching
Barbara Frum, Peter Mansbridge, Allen Abel, Tom Alderman, and co.  If
ever I were trapped in an elevator with a network news chief, I would
tell him to go find Mark Starowicz and give him anything he wants.)

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