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Re: More Media overkill

In a message dated 98-05-15 23:37:52 EDT, dlh@donnahalper.com writes:

<< And since we are on the subject, the late Mr Sinatra said around 1957 that
 anyone who liked Elvis was probably tone-deaf, and rock music was just vile
 noise that only a delinquent could find appealing.  Thanks, Frank.

Well, I know I'm not tone-deaf, and I know that there's only maybe one Elvis
song I liked, and uh, about rock music, well, I uh, guess I am getting old
because I don't like it as much as I used to, and I swore that that would
never happen.  Also, strangely enoug,  I was not the least bit familiar with
Frankie's music until a few years ago. I didn't know his voice or most of his
hits, except maybe NY NY and My Way.    My parents never played him in the
house and I assume were not particularly fans....

note to Donna - They were too busy listening to Theordore Bikel : )