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Re: MESSAGE ID: 1EC610858

>For a time, it looked like Marv Albert would be returning to sportscasting
> as the new TV voice of the Miami Heat when Heat telecasts move to WYHS
> (which will soon be renamed WAMI), the first Home Shopping Network station
> to be converted to the "CityVision" format of extensive local programming.
>However, according to reports today (Thursday) on CNN's website, that
> won't happen. Heat general manager/head coach Pat Riley expressed concern
> over Albert, and WYHS decided, under pressure, not to hire Albert. Eric
> Reid (didn't he once do college basketball on NESN back in the 1980's?),
> who had been doing Heat games on WBFS has been hired by WYHS to continue
> doing play-by-play.

WYHS is a low-powered UHF station, and they're better off hiring a
broadcast-school student with play-by-play talent, for less money.  I'm not
sure that the announcer himself can make or break a TV broadcast. For radio,
we need pros.  I was BORED watching Marlins baseball on TV, but the radio
broadcast, anchored by Joe Angel (forgot his real-good sidekick's name) was
most-entertaining. The TV broadcast carried little announcing, and you could
barely hear that under the crowd noise. It was broadcast on channel 33 out
of Miami, with no local (W Palm Beach) affiliate.