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Re: Amateur hour at WHYN

Bill O'Neill wrote:
amazes me is how much easier today's studio equipment is to operate
> than 10-20 years ago, but the oops just keep on coming.....  I trained on a
> series of 1970 10 channel McGurdy's at WJUL (great boards that lasted for
> years) that had no flashing switch lights to remind you that the spot had
> already run.  Patch bays were standard methods for bringing in feeds,
> patching around channels that decided to die, pads to bring down hot remote
> feeds, calls to Telco to explain line problems.  Tape delay consisting of
> two Scullys side by side in the bench connected by the reels.  No fast cue
> cart machines.  ITC triples that _always_ had particular quirks of the week
> that couldn't be used as an excuse.  XMTR readings meant making some
> calculations or reading a chart.  Reflected power concerns during icing.  I
> am sure you have a list.   A computer in the studio?  You'd be luck to have
> a slide rule!

Oh dear. Now I really feel old. We had an old Collins board..kind of a
military grey/brown, three single cart machines and two turntables with
3 speeds and we did still use the 78 on occasion (very early in my
days.) We had the same tape delay. While I was there we upgraded to a
Gates President board and thought we were in heaven except the pots had
so much of a lighter movement that you swore the knobs were free

But sloppy is all over. I was out to dine last night and I noticed that
the station in the background had changed from a light adult rock (I
don't know all the nuances of formats these days) to a piano concerto
with a countdown to Delilah. Thought it funny when they said Delilah in
7 seconds and a local commercial kicked in for 60. I'm told that was
sloppy automation programming rather than board op error. Still sound
mickey mouse (oops I guess you can't use that term any more) to me.