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Re: MESSAGE ID: 1EC610858

I find Howard much more crude, cruel, and tasteless!

At 02:23 PM 4/2/98 -0500, NORIAC@mln.lib.ma.us wrote:
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>Subject: WAAF Strikes Again!
>Yesterday, perhaps the most tasteless April Fool's prank on any area radio
> station was pulled off by (guess who?)--WAAF.
>During the Greg Hill show (I didn't listen to it; I heard about it later
> on), there was a "news flash" claiming Boston Mayor Thomas Menino had
> been killed in a car accident enroute to work.
>Mayor Menino today (Thursday) met reporters and said he was outraged at
> this prank. Reportadely, the Boston City Hall switchboards were jammed
> with calls, some from reporters from other news organizations wishing
> to confirm the news and to ask who would become acting mayor.
>This alone should make CBS spin-off WAAF. In fact, maybe CBS should find
> a religious broadcaster to buy it for one reason and one reason only---
> even though I personally wouldn't like a high-power religious FM,
> such a sale would silence (unless they're hired elsewhere in the market)
> Greg "Mayor Menino Is Dead" Hill and of course, the appalingly racist
> afternoon team of Opie & Anthony, whose antics sometimes make Howard 
> Stern look saintly!
>If Greg Hill wanted to do an April Fool's gag about Menino, he should
> have done something like "Mayor Menino was hit by a pie from one of
> the City Councillors". By doing that, Hill might even have gotten the
> Mayor's cooperation and he could have done a "soundbite" complaining
> the pie was squash when he liked lemon murange (or whatever his favorite
> flavor of pie is!). But instead, The Hillman took a very low road.
>This, in my opinion, is the most shameful moment I can ever remember in
> Boston radio.
>Joseph Gallant