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Re: Kiss 108

At 05:36 AM 4/1/98 -0500, Mark Shneyder wrote:
>Mase and Puffy on Kiss? Dont tell me you're pulling an Aril 1st thing
>on us? :)
>UC stations don't play Celine Dion. Kiss and Jamn do. Case closed.

If you're talking about the Titanic song, it's one of those huge hits that
even though it doesn't fit, does occasionally cross over to urban/rhythmic
radio. I don't hear much else by Celine on Kiss.

As far as Kiss goes, even calling it a CHR is a stretch at times, more like
a slightly hotter version of WBMX (Modern Hot AC, or whatever they're
calling it this week)...Kiss seems ignore all but the biggest dance hits
(strange considering their heritage) in favor of AAA-ish stuff like Fiona
Apple and that screechy Tori Amos song they still play to death.

I would definitely call Jam'n urban though, white artists seem pretty rare,
mostly seems to be slow jam urban ballads whenever I hear them.