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Re: where are the proofers???

And while we are on the subject, one grammar rule I hear being broken on far
too many stations is the word "unique"-- WBZ is running a radio commercial
wherein the sponsor is called "the most unique store I've ever been to", or
something like that-- trouble is, 'unique' means ONE OF A KIND.  How can
something be the MOST one of a kind-- that's like being the most pregnant--
either you are, or you aren't.  Oh we're all such curmudgeons...

Actually, the internet has been a blessing and a curse for writers-- on the
one hand, it has brought people who normally might not have written back
into the habit of putting their thoughts into an e-mail.  But the hurried
nature of typing an e-mail (and most of us are in a big hurry, trying our
best to catch up on all those messages...) leads to various typos, grammar
errors, and spelling mistakes.  Typing at 2 AM is fatal to one's ability to
write in a literate fashion, it seems to me... <g> 


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