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Re: r&b oldies

On Mon, 30 Mar 1998, Dan Strassberg wrote:

> The lady who owns WILD (I forget her name) either does not have or will not
> spend the money to buy a better facility. She had many, many chances to buy
> a bunch of different signals--including 1150--back when AM stations were
> going for a pittance (at least compared with current prices). Each time a
> deal seemed imminent, she came up with some new bogus reason why the buy
> would be a bad deal. It became clear that she either couldn't get the money,
> didn't want to spend the money, couldn't make up her mind, or just enjoyed
> making owners and station brokers jump through hoops. On the other hand,
> I've heard nothing that suggests she's interested in selling WILD either.
> So, as long as she owns the station, don't count on WILD getting better
> facilities on AM or FM.

Maybe that was what happened to that deal with WUMB that was strongly
rumored and then suddenly disappeared. 

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