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Re: WNHV/WTSV scores

Pete wrote:
>After a few days of non-stop Abbott and Costello "Who's on first" repeats,

>the two above-referenced stations licensed to White River Junction VT and

>Claremont NH, switched from all-satellite nostalgia music to all-satellite



>The two are now innovatively billed as "Sports Radio AM 910 and 1230".  They

>are commonly owned from an address in West Lebanon.

Unless, I am wrong, but both of these stations are operated out of the Dynacom
building on Rt. 103 in Claremont. WTSV has been there since they moved from
their antenna site on Washington St. and WNHV moved there from WRJ when
Dynacom bought them.  They just added WNHV into their WTSV studio.  Also, part
of the deal that came with WNHV was WKXE from WRJ.  They converted their 2nd
production room into that studio around 1993 in their Claremont building.

Gary Ford