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Re: where are the proofers???

At 07:07 PM 3/28/98 -0500, Rick Levy wrote:
>>From Shel Swartz:
>>>Consider when you surf to a "professional" business Web Site and find
>misspelled items such as, "you can make use of this products many
>features...." "Its a great day today...."  "I love sherbert..."  "In the
>absence of wind, my kite finally found it's way to the ground..."  These
>errors do not make the writer appear to be credible.<<
>Interesting that three of the four examples you give involve omission or
>misuse of the apostrophe.  Per my experience online (formerly "on line"),
>the most frequently misspelled word in the English language surely must
>be "its".  A spell checker won't catch this particular error.

Gee, usually people err on the side of unnecessary apostrophes.  How many
times have you seen someone selling rose's by the side of the road, or a
sign saying no dog's allowed.

Ob radio link...how often does client or sales rep-written copy contain
these error's? ;-)