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Re: where are the proofers???

In a message dated 98-03-28 14:19:42 EST, you write:

<< Consider when you surf to a "professional" business Web Site and find
 misspelled items such as, "you can make use of this products many
 features...." "Its a great day today...."  "I love sherbert..." ...These
 errors do not make the writer appear to be credible. >>

Maybe it's just that I've always been a good speller (although I have no idea
when to use its or it's)   My biggest pet peeve these days is that no one
seems to be able to spell "lose". There's a lot of spam on some of the
newsgroups I read, and a lot of it is about "loosing weight".  There's a whole
thread about it right now on alt.support.diet.
Here's a great quote....

"Don't you realize this is one of the principal ways we have of telling the
from the real dieters? We real dieters all know that what we want to do
is *lose* but the spammers always tells us we can *loose* weight, and
that's one of the ways we quickly spot 'em."

that's pretty funny   : )   Might be better than the new "junk mail filter"
that AOL just initiated.