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Re: WBZ drops sports on weekends

I saw that too that the Rev is on WRKO... It reminds of the days when WRKO
would run Sox games; drove me crazy but luckily you could just put on WHDH for
conversation with Ted O'Brien... It seems strange though since WRKO is the
only talk station in town now, that they would pre-empt serious conversation
like "Who do you want to see naked on TV" or "Yet aonther show about Food
Stamp abusers" for sports... 


In a message dated 98-03-23 12:15:41 EST, mshbc@bu.edu writes:

<< In theory, Dodge could buy back WEEI and sell sports content to CBS
 which then would move it to 680, more likely at the end of the 1998 Red
 Sox season.  Heck, half of New England Revolution's 24-game package is
 already headed to 680 this season...makes you wonder, eh... >>