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As I understood it, the largest ERP of any FM is in Michigan.  WBCT,
93.7 Grand Rapids (originally WJFM, licensed to Kalamazoo) runs 320kw at
ft, for an effective 500kw.  During its WJFM days, the Fetzer family ran
in Broadcasting bragging about its big signal...full page, at that!  In
same market, WOOD-FM 105.7 runs 265kw at 810 ft.

As for other C's in the Northeast, how about the former WRUN-FM Utica,
WMJQ-FM Buffalo, WBUF Buffalo, WYYY Syracuse....all are grandfathered
with anywhere from 93 to 140kw. on big sticks.  WNCI Columbus runs
something on the order of 175kw.

Rick Kelly

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