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Re: WNHT's fatal error

At 04:24 PM 3/21/98 EST, Whom949 wrote:
>In a message dated 98-03-21 15:44:29 EST, webway@channel1.com writes:
> > WMUR's transition to a serious news power actually began in July 1981,
> > weeks after the Imes management took over.  Norman Fein, a former ABC/NBC
>   Argeed--  But it was the 1984 NH primary that finally enabled WMUR to
> win back trust with viewers.
>  >>
>Why did they lose the trust of the viewers? ( I was not in the area

If you had been, you wouldn't have needed to ask.  I don't know if Channel
9 ever had the trust of viewers up that point.  They had to have been one
of the most truly amateurish staions in America.  Roller Derby and Uncle
Gus were the high points of their programming. I think there's someone on
this list who worked there in the late 60s/early 70s.  I'm sure he has many
tales to tell.