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Re: WNHT's fatal error

Kevin Vahey writes:
>...when they switched from being an IND for CBS they threw away what
loyal audience they had built up showing reruns, and were starting from
scratch with far more overhead. 

That's an interesting argument, which I can't prove or disprove.  I have
no access to Neilsen's and have nothing in my archive which would
indicate the popular press was watching 21's ratings.  From the time it
came on in April 1984 till CBS was adopted (February 1, 1988) they could
have built up some viewer loyalty. 

My personal feeling is that not many people wanted to watch Barney
Miller, Soap, Fantasy Island & Charlie's Angels re-runs.  My guess is
they signed with CBS to boost what were probably disappointing ratings
over almost four years.  Remember, Flatley bought the place just three
months after it got on the air and his hotels couldn't float the TV
station forever.

Ed (Brouder@Juno.com)
Man From Mars Productions

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