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re : WBZ drops sports on weekends

>From: Kevin Vahey <webway@channel1.com>
>Subject: BZ drops sports on weekends
>The reason given was, there are other stations to get sports from, and
>nowhere to get news on weekends.

That it is probably a large part of it. It could be a case of simple case
of radio economics and management.

When Goldman launched the weekend sports blocks on Labor Day '94,
he figured that WBZ could be an all-news and at the same time give WEEI a
challenge -  and at the same time get the ratings  and make money for
1030. It was definitely a good try. Still, it looks like the 'weekend
sports' programming idea should've been researched a bit before more it
went on the air just a week after ARS moved all sports from 590 to 850.

Let's the facts talk : WBZ's  weekend ratings havent been
exactly spectacular - WBZ is No. 1 or 2 doing all-news weekdays but about
10th or 11th with sports. Although they did try hard to promote themselves
through on-air, print, billboards etc. for the past two years, they still
fell short of making any kind of impact with their weekend target group --
males 25-54. Every book had 'EEI over 'BZ in that target demo. Why would
an 'EEI listener turn to WBZ on weekends for anything more than a news
update? Probably even Ed Goldman couldnt explain that one.

>My best guess is, the WBZ shows will wind up on WEEI once the merger is

Considering that 'EEI is very likely headed into a trust for this merger
to go through, one wouldnt expect it to remain in CBS' hands after all
is said and done. Depending on who ends up with 'EEI -- Jacor, Clear
Channel and current players(ARS' Steve Dodge) are all very interested --
chances are slim to none that any of WBZ's programming will find itself on
AM 850. 

- -M