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Re: NPR2

> >I am intrigued by the idea of a second NPR network that goes all
> while
> >NPR1 would be News/Talk.  Bob Edwards and Morning Edition is very
> I
> >would imagine Ron Dell Ciesa (pardon the spelling) could satisfy many
> >market's morning needs.  The two nets could work together (news
> >cross-promote pledge drives, underwriting dollar buys, etc.)
> >Bill O'Neill
> >
> This is a great idea. Now which Boston-area station(s) would you
propose for
> carriage of NPR-1 programming? And which one(s) for NPR-2? 

WGBH-FM - NPR-1 - Mostly music....

WBUR-FM - NPR-2 - News/Talk/Information...

Makes sense...no?

I think the drawback is that they would compete with each other.  The
idea being that they wouldn't be creating new audience...but splitting
the current audience in two.  

Therfore, splitting the donation base in two....  Kind of a
cannibalization of their constituancy...