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Donna, speaking of jobs coming and going....  I'm sure most of us would
*love* to hear you share about your experience at WRKO.  You started as
a "hitline operator" you said?  I remember seeing an article by you in
Billboard when you were the PD.  I know this was a tumultous time at RKO
.  How long were you there?

What was the experience like?  And how did it end?


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> Date: Wednesday, 18-Mar-98 01:23 AM
> From: Halper, Donna            \ Internet:    (dlh@donnahalper.com)
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> Subject: Re: "Black Monday" at WGIR-FM.
> it was written--
> >IT is a shame what happened to GIR. It was the last good AOR. I loved
it. It
> >is a shame
> Long ago, I learnt to be suspicious when the press release about the
> said "the new owners have promised not to make any changes."  That's
> talk for "everyone will be fired and we have a new format all picked
> It happened to me twice-- new owners met with all of us and swore up
> down our jobs were safe... but suddenly, we were all history.  The
> time, it was a shock.  The second time, I was a lot more philosophical
.  But
> I wish there were more respect paid to what a station and its staff
> accomplished.  At one station, I had the third highest numbers in my
> in the market (24 stations, I might add) but I was still replaced... 
Yes it
> is a shame about WGIR and all of the other stations that have been
> dismantled for reasons that seem bizarre to you and me.  

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