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Black Monday(Tuesday?)from a Big D point of view

The folks at Capstar/Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst Inc are quite elated this week.
They report that Steven Dinetz, Capstar's Chief Operating Officer, has
accepted a consulting position with Hicks Muse, Capstar's controlling
shareholder, and has resigned from his position at Capstar.
Steve Hicks, Pres/CEO of Capstar Broadcasting Corp., said, "We at Capstar
greatly appreciate Steve Dinetz's contributions to Capstar and wish him well
in his new role with our controlling shareholder. Fortunately, Capstar is in
very capable hands during this period of transition. John Cullen [interim
COO] is a seasoned broadcasting executive with tremendous industry
experience, who has already contributed a great deal to Capstar. We are
pleased that he has agreed to assume added responsibility at this crucial
time as we work to consolidate Capstar's position as one of the nation's
largest and fastest-growing radio broadcasting companies."
Dinetz said: "I have truly enjoyed my time at Capstar, which has rapidly
become the premier radio broadcast company focused on small- and
medium-sized markets. The company has assembled a first-class management
team and portfolio of station assets and, as a result, is well-positioned
for long-term growth."
It's no longer a "stable of talent" it's a portfolio!



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