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Re: Black Tuesday at WSMN

At 12:08 AM 3/19/98 -0500, you wrote:
>While we were all reading each others posts about Black Monday at 
>WGIR-FM......we all missed the purge at WSMN in Nashua NH. New 
>General Manager Ed Crecelius is making format changes.

Any relation to Ned Crecelius, who owns WADN? Isn't Ned sometimes a nickname
for Edward? (All of us in Massachusetts know that _Ted_ can be a nickname
for Edward:-) Could Ed Crecelius and Ned Crecelius be one and the same? I
haven't heard Ned on WADN for about a month, and his voice would ususally
pop up fairly often (sometimes under the guise of "Ed Knox. the Walden
cowboy" a nickname he continued using even after WADN dropped the Walden
Radio monicker). Now that Ned seems to have left the day-to-day operation of
WADN in the reasonably capable hands of GM Todd Feinberg, I wouldn't put it
past Ned to take a job as GM of another station to keep bread on the table.
I doubt that WADN brings in enough to support both Feinberg and himself as
well as the Sales Manager, whose name is Rich Glynn, I believe.  

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