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Re: Legal Payola?

Now it is just called "Independent Promotion" ... 

In a message dated 98-03-18 10:09:12 EST, billpi@ll.mit.edu writes:

<< It seems Payola the great hit on radio in the 50's & 60's is back with a
 Billboard reports that a Portland, OR station played 50 spins of Limp
 Bizkit's "Counterfeit" during a 5-week period in January-March this year
 secured with payment from the band's label.
 Paying for airplay is legal as long as the station announces it; and that's
 just what KUFO did. It used a produced announcement before the track
 identifying it as a new song "brought to you by Flip/Interscope."
 Aren't the 90's so politically correct?
 Bill Piacentini
 P.S. Wasn't Limp Bizkit in Tommy Dorsey's Band? >>