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Re: radio/TV

>And, of course, Bob Lobel's sportscasts on WBZ-TV are (were?)
>simulcast on radio during the ``Bob Lobel Show''.  (I just wish 'BZ
>would give up on this idea.  Sports call-in shows are BORING---even
>more so than regular call-in shows.  I wouldn't be surprised if that
>show were brokered just like ``Calling All Sports'' is.)

In the general case of sports (and regular) call-in shows being boring,
I wholeheartedly agree.  But, when in the hands of a talented announcer,
a sports call-in show can be very entertaining.  One of my favorite radio
memories of growing up in Pittsburgh is "Myron Cope on Sports" on WTAE
every weekday evening.  Myron's a true original - a voice that makes
the late Howard Cosell sound like an opera signer, perhaps, but an
engaging and well-informed sports radio personality nonetheless.  He's
semi-retired now, so you can no longer hear him doing his old weeknight
radio show (or see him on the evening news on WTAE-TV, as he used to do),
but he still does color commentary for the radio broadcasts of the Steelers'
games.  Many Pittsburghers still turn down the TV sound and turn on the
radio just to hear him do the games; that should tell you something...

- -Shawn Mamros
E-mail to: mamros@mit.edu