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Brattleboro-Keene Market, part II

I left out one station (not intentionally) from the FM

91.3 WKNH (275w -387') Keene. The station is owned by Keene
State College. I have never personally heard this station,
so I can't really say what they're all about. Any students,
past or present, of KSC want to fill in details on this one?

Also someone mentioned that Keene High School has/had its
own radio station. Can anyone clarify?

Now for a complete listing of the translators in the area:

91.9 W221AY Brattleboro. Owned by Moody Bible Institute,
last heard rebroadcasting WMBI.

91.9 (NEW) Putney. Application filed by Christian
Ministries, Inc.

95.9 W240AE Hinsdale. Owned by Harvest Broadcasting
Associates, rebroadcasting WJIV Cherrry Valley, NY.
Transmitter is located in West Brattleboro, along with the
co-owned 105.5 (see below).

95.9 W240AM West Keene. Another Harvest translator, which is
beleived to be also rebroadcasting WJIV.

99.7 W259AB Marlboro. This was originally to have been a
translator for WVAY, but has been heard rebroadcasting WJIV
in the past. Located at the top of Hogback Mountain (I

102.3 W272AX Keene. Construction permit held by Saga
Communications, this is to be a translator for WZID (95.7)
Manchester, NH, the last I heard.

104.7 W284AB Jamaica. Translator for WVAY has been on the
air since at least mid- 1996, but still shows up as a CP in
the FCC database.

105.5 W288AM Keene. Translator for WZSH Bellows Falls.

105.5 W288AN West Brattleboro. Yet another Harvest
translator for WJIV, this ine is co-located with Hinsdale's
95.9 on South Street near the Brattleboro-Guilford town line
(if the coordinates in the FCC database are accurate).

106.5 W293AB Keene. This was mentioned in my previous
listing. Translator for WHDQ (106.1) Claremont. (NOT

Corrections, contributions and comments are, as always,

Doug Bassett, WKVT
West Brattleoboro, Vt.

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