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Re: How many "trimulcasts" out there?

>    In Connecticut, WDRC (AM) /1360 in Hartford (Buckley Broadcasting; also
> owners of WOR) relays its nostalgia format, with mostly live local DJs, on
> WWCO/1240, Waterbury, and WSNG/610, Torrington. It's nearly 100 percent
> trimulcast, although there are local news breaks on one or both of the
> secondary stations as well as local ads.

The WDRC trimulcast sounds like it's satellite, though, since the DJ's never mention any call letters (they just say "on your Original Hits station") followed by a recorded announcement like "AM 1360, WDRC."  Most trimulcasts tend to use one name, like Y-107, for all three stations. 

Rory Francisco
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