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Ahhh, YES !!! Those old CB days.

     I remember being on CB from the age of 9 until I was 18.  My first
CB was a Archer Walkie-Talkie "Base Station" that I got for Christmas, 1969.
It was crystal controlled for Channel 14, must did have a "plug-in" socket
for changing the crystals for any of the then-23 channels.  But, crystals
for 22A and 22B (now 24 and 25) were available if you knew the right people !
This unit was rated for 100 milliwatts, but even without "tweaking" it was
more like 300 milliwatts.  With a "ground-plane" antenna and modification
for an external antenna connector and coax, it could do well.  Some other
CB'ers at the time (1970) did just that.  I wanted to, but my dad said....
"NO WAY !!!".
     I had more fun in those "pre-good buddy days" than anyone else.  But
when CB went "mainstream" with the "good buddy" crap started to fly, I
flew away in 1977.  I miss those dyas of yesteryear !!!  So, 73's and
8's where they belong !!!  This is the "Panther", KACG-1233 going bye-bye for

Peter Q. George (N1GGP)
ex. KDO-9550 and KACG-1233

Peter Q. George, N1GGP                  *  "Scanning the bands since 1967 !" 
33 Stetson St., Apt. 2                  *                  +
Whitman, Massachusetts  02382           *                  |
USA                                     *      73         +|+    de N1GGP
PGEORGE@wellesley.edu                   *                 /|\
XERB@bigfoot.com                        *                 +|+ 
pqgeorge@hotmail.com                    *                 /|\