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At 09:40 AM 3/16/98 EST, GF015 wrote:
>I am sorry to disagree, but 93.3 and 107.7 certainly overlap.  Is there a
>translator for 107.7 other than the main one in Hillsborough?  In Concord,
>Manchester and in between, 107.7 is so powerful it overlaps into 107.9 and
>can't even recieve 107.9 WXKS-FM.  Is it really necessary to have 107.7 this
>strong?  When 107.7 used to be WRCI country it never hardly got into Concord,
>and now it overlaps into 107.9?  What is the reason for this? I really miss
>hearing Kiss.

The reason for WRCI's improved signal is a vast increase in antenna HAAT.
Until a couple years ago WRCI's antenna was essentially on a telephone pole
along side of Rte 202-9 in Hillsboro.  It's now on top of Craney Mt, next
to Pat's Peak. I think in the 80s when 'RCI signed on there were FCC regs
prohibiting city grade contour overlaps between co-owned stations (in this
case WJYY), when the rule was repealed, for obvious reasons the antenna was
moved.  At the old site WRCI didn't even cover Hillsboro very well.

Why do we want as good of a signal as we can get? Duh!