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Re: Voiceover work

Dan Strassberg wrote:

> So my questions are: Is there any point in spending the money on a tape? If
> so, is there some way to make the tape appealing enough to the agencies that
> they will listen? If not, is there any way David could get some commercial
> voiceover experience that would be meaningful to the agencies? He'd be quite
> willing to work for nothing to get such experience if doing so would give
> him a reasonable shot at having an agency or two actually consider him for
> work on commercials.
> David, his mother, and I will welcome your suggestions.

Well, Dan, has he considered going to a small market station and asking
for some part time work?  The "foot-in-the-door" would afford him
opportunities to do some commercials, or at least perhaps some PSA's...
at least its better than spending big $$$ to do a fake commercial.

Ok, really... before you laugh at that suggestion, even though its not
the direction he's heading in, he might do well to find a station that's
not completely automated and at least *ask*... perhaps some owner or PD
who came up the ladder because of someone's generosity in opening that
first door would let him in and allow him some time and use of the
production facilities on off-peak hours.  

Just a thought.

Steve Sawyer