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Re: Voiceover work

>Is there any point in spending the money on a tape? If
>so, is there some way to make the tape appealing enough to the agencies
>they will listen? If not, is there any way David could get some commercial
>voiceover experience that would be meaningful to the agencies? He'd be
>willing to work for nothing to get such experience if doing so would give
>him a reasonable shot at having an agency or two actually consider him for
>work on commercials.

In my opinion, having worked with a number of professional voiceover people
(Including Charlie Van Dyke,  Mike Lewis, whose clients include WABC-TV/New
York, and Richard Fatherlely, who has national accounts):  If someone asks
you to pay that kind of money for a tape, you're being ripped off!  NO AGENT

The problem with people is that they want to run before they crawl.   You
can't rely on agents; only on yourself to get going.  You do so by offering
your services to a local radio station, which by the way has PLENTY of real
commrcial copy to read.  Your voice will be heard by people all over,
including decision-makers from other stations and networks.

There are too many wannabees out there, but not enough people willing to
sweat a little.  If you are willing to "pay your dues", you won't need an

:) hope that helps

Shel Swartz

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Resumes mean nothing in this business, in comparison to how you sound, and
how reliable you are.

If you need extra help or want a better explanation, please phone me.
Happyto help those willing to do a little work on their own!