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request from a blind friend of mine

A friend who is a big fan of the 'old' WHDH wonders if any of you have
airchecks of the old WHDH personalities, like Jess Cain or Tom Kennedy or
Dave Supple?  I have a couple, but not many. (A lot of my collection was
destroyed a few years ago when a water main broke and flooded our
basement... water-logged tapes somehow don't sound as good...<g>) 

My friend is blind and loves to listen to the radio-- he and his wife miss
some of the personalities that used to be on in Boston.  (So do I.)  He is
also seeking any WBZ airchecks from before the station went to all-news
(pre-1992, in other words)-- they don't have to be old or rare; he just
enjoys hearing the personalities he recalls from his youth.   Let me know,
on or off-list, if you have air-checks you would be willing to make a
cassette dub of.  Thanks!!!