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Re: Things are happening at WTOP AM and FM.....

>      I was listening to WTOP/1500 this evening at about 10:15 and heard
> a promo with a man with "la-di-da" voice touting about April 1, 1998.
> That is the day that WTOP moves to 107.7 FM, currently known as WRCY
> "Thunder 107.7".  If this means the end of WTOP/1500 AM, I am not sure.
> It most certainly will be the end of WTOP-FM (94.3).  If anyone can get
> more info about this impending change on 4/1/98, please post it here.
> Thanks,
> -Pete-

Don't worry, Pete, WTOP(AM) lives on!

They're just improving the FM simulcast for the Virginia areas that
are in the null of 1500's night pattern, trading 94.3A Warrenton
for 107.7B.  WUPP(FM), now on 107.7, moves to the weaker 94.3, and 
WTOP-FM moves to 107.7.  

That's all!

- -s